Beams and bricks: restoring natural materials for a gorgeous new bistro

Just down the High Street from us in Watlington, a new bistro has just opened – the Social Bar and Restaurant at the Watlington Club. It has a lovely warm atmosphere and we were pleased to be involved in renovating beams and cleaning brickwork ready for opening.

We lightly blast cleaned the oak beams to remove unsightly black paint using Eco glass fine abrasive. The brickwork cleaned up nicely too! We wish the new tenants the very best of luck with their new business venture.

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A workshop from an old car park

10858556_357939454387624_4922245524093227773_nLet’s make an old concrete car park into a high performance car factory!

First we use our remote control Blastrac BMG vacuum assisted planetary diamond grinder in conjunction with our floor planer to reduce the tamp ridges and make a smoother floor surface.

Once preparation is complete, the floor is ready for fettling and primer. Finally the special vapour permeable epoxy resin topcoat is applied and cured.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see the floor preparation and recoat in action.

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And here’s the new workshop in action. Not bad for a temporary workshop made out of an old car park!

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