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Shot blasting: breathing new life into any material

Here at Blast Off, we can breathe a new lease of life into any material with our on-site shot blasting services. Whether it’s timber, masonry or metal, our on-site blast cleaning systems can remove paint or varnish, prepare surfaces for re-coating or simply restore the natural finish of the material.

As a highly experienced and reputable company in our field, we are able to bring our many years’ worth of experience and knowledge in this area to ensuring your surfaces are brought back to their natural state in a quick and effective manner. Our sophisticated blast-cleaning systems include open blasting, wet blasting, chemical cleaning, paint stripping, pressure washing and steam cleaning and are effective for the removal of all sorts of unsightly coatings and varnishes on a variety of surfaces. We also offer delicate low-pressure surface preparation using specially-designed equipment for those surfaces requiring a softer approach.

If you would like to get in touch regarding shot blasting where you are, please do so via our contact form or by email at [email protected].