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Resin Flooring Systems

If you’re looking for a new resin floor, we’re resin floor experts. We offer the following coatings:

  • Resin coating systems
  • Epoxy resin coatings
  • Anti-slip coating systems
  • Anti-static coating systems
  • Chemical-resistant coating systems
  • Cold store coating systems
  • Methacrylate coatings
  • Polyurethane systems
  • Solvent-free coatings
  • Screed systems
  • Water-based coating systems
  • Self-smoother epoxy systems
  • Resin-bonded driveways and walkways

We will finish the job by line marking or bay marking if appropriate.

Preparing and repairing industrial floors

Blastoff has over 37 years of experience in the field of dust-free surface preparation using a variety of techniques to prepare any surface. We have a huge range of our own equipment so we can ensure a fast turn around.

We use dust-free shot blasting, dust-free scabbling and other preparation systems and work with surfaces ranging from warehouse and factory floors to domestic garage floor coverings. Techniques include:

  • Paint removal or removal of other floor coatings and residue
  • Texturing concrete to improve slip resistance
  • Keying of surfaces to accept new coatings or waterproofing resins
  • Surface reduction
  • Blastrac system
  • Diamond planing
  • Planetary diamond grinding systems to prepare surfaces without marks
  • Hot compressed air systems to remove oil contamination
  • Turbo stripping to remove vinyl tiles, linoleum, carpet ceramic tiles, thin screeds and rubber
  • Captive water jetting to clean hard surfaces such as external concrete, block paving and tarmac
  • Open blast cleaning for those areas where nothing else will work!

These services are suitable in the following settings:

  • Industrial floors
  • Retail units
  • Garage floors
  • Bridge decks
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses

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